Innovations for the Snow Shovel

Have you ever experienced the persistent back aches and pains that come from shoveling snow off your driveway? Are you tired of all the time you wasted doing something that is purely a necessity and not even fun, at the least? Maybe you have thought about buying heavy machinery to clear off the snow faster and easier, but the expense is too much?

There are a lot of solutions offered nowadays for the annoying piled up snow in front of our homes. We all sometimes wish it would just go away, but unfortunately, winter will still come around every year and winter brings with it snow. We can offer an alternative, cheap option, though. You will need to exert much less effort with our product, and it is almost the same as your normal snow shovel, too. I'd like to present, the wovel.

The wovel is a new innovation in our struggle against blocking snow. It resembles the standard snow shovel in many ways, with many enhancements that makes it safer and faster to use that it's predecessor.

The first difference between the wovel and the regular snow shovel is the material used in the blade. The standard shovel uses heavy metal, but we have used a super-light one to construct the blade. It is then connected to a three to four foot handle. The wovel is thus lighter and will not add much weight to the snow you have to lift up and throw away. You get to carry bigger piles of snow at once.

At the part wherein the blade is joined to the handle, there is a length of cord that is attached. It is a sturdy, flexible cord, about three feet in length and is not unlike the material used in bungee cords. It is equipped with a handle at the other end, which allows you to hold on firmly. With these, you will eliminate the need to bend over to shovel off snow. Your back is quite safe from injury and your upright position will let you lift snow with less force exerted.


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